Take short quiz. Win big prizes.

Take short quiz. Win big prizes.

February 01 2018 | Published by Marie Stanley | Blog

Have you heard? We’re taking the pulse of the I.T. nation.

We want to know all about YOU if you work in the I.T. department of a UK organisation. How stressed are you? Are you under resourced? Overworked and underappreciated? Or confident you chose the best career path? In order to help, we’re trying to understand the inner workings of the I.T. employee mind!

We’re asking for just 3 minutes of your time (probably less!) to complete this short quiz. It’s totally anonymous: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/4163200/We-re-Taking-the-Pulse-of-the-IT-Nation

We’re hoping to not only gain a real insight into I.T. worker’s job satisfaction, but also into the world of cybersecurity and what challenges UK organisations face. We want to know if you’re feeling secure or at risk and what your major concerns are. Helping us realise your fears for the cyber landscape of 2018 will ensure we’re ready to support your needs.

Of course, we want to reward anyone eager to help us with this research! We’re offering the chance to win some fantastic techie prize: Sennheiser wireless headphones; Apple iPad Pro; Sony PS4… the list goes on with the goodies we have to offer if you’re lucky enough to win our prize draw!

But that’s not all! For every completed survey, we’re also going to donate £1 to The Prince’s Trust Charity. The Prince’s Trust work to empower young people and help them get into jobs, education and training and Chess are proud to work alongside them.


What are you waiting for? TAKE THE QUIZ!